Abimanola Duo Abimanola

Ukrainian and Japanese acrobatic performance Duo.

2009, Formation.

2010年〜2013年 DAIDOGEI World Cup in SHIZUOKA category off.

2012年 Art Festival in Koria.

2013年 D-Festa in Koria

2013年 Bangkok Street Show.

2014年 Opera"I Pagliacci" in New National Theatre Tokyo.


Bila Olga

1995-1999 Studied the State college circus and variety
                     Art and got profession circus ARTIST - acrobat.

1999-2000 Working at the Kiev management of movement of
                     profession circus artist.

2000 Worked at the Kiev National circus

2002-2008 Worked at the Kiev State college circus and variety Art
                     as teacher of sport acrobatics.

2002-2007 Studied at the Karpenko-Kariy Kiev National University
                     of Theatre, Cinema and TV : profession-circus
                     director, producer.

2007 Worked at the Kiev "Yong theater", in the performance
            "Clown woman".

From 2009 Working in Japan - street perform, at the hotels,
                      circus festivals.

2011年 Kinoshita Circus

2012年 Kanebo "KATE" TVCM

2013年 Canon "EOS 70D" TVCM


Masashi Masashi Amano

2003 The juggling begins.

2005 Enters Japan Sori International Circus School.

2008 Summer. I seek further technical,Study Abroad to Ukraine.

2009 Summer. Active at various locations, After returning to Japan

2012 Kanebo "KATE" TVCM

2013 "zoff" Poster advertising

2014 "Zespri Kiwifruit" TVCM